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How is climate change impacting on your business? Do your customers expect you to be operating sustainably? What will rising energy prices do to your profits? In an ever-changing world it’s clear your business needs a strategy to deal with energy and sustainability issues.

At Opix Consulting we have the market knowledge and expertise to support you in developing and implementing strategies that will make your business more resilient. Through working in partnership with you we help build your strategy and then ensure that it remains relevant and able to adapt to a changing landscape.

Risk management

A key part of any strategy is understanding the risks your business faces, managing those risks and unlocking the opportunities that exist.

Our industry knowledge will help you quickly identify the key issues you face and develop the controls needed to make your business more resilient. We have experience with managing and controlling risks across the energy and sustainability landscape, from rising prices to regulatory reporting through to customer expectations and supply chain issues.

Central to our risk management approach is ensuring you can identify, manage and adapt to the risks you face making your business more resilient and sustainable.


Increasingly customers expect businesses to be operating in a way that protects the environment. At the same time increased regulatory and voluntary reporting means you must have the right governance and compliance processes in place.

The team at Opix Consulting understand the need for robust, accurate and clear reporting that is underpinned by governance processes. We have experience in a range of reporting standards from Health & Safety, ESOS, CRC and Carbon Footprints through to voluntary declarations for investors and stakeholders.

The Opix Consulting team will ensure you have the right policies and procedures in place to manage your compliance risks and report accurately and effectively.

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